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Monday, June 25, 2018

April 2018 Board Minutes

Westover  Woods April 16, 2018 Board Minutes

Place:  Ralph Culver’s home

Approval of March 2018 Meeting’s Minutes:  Motion made by Ralph & 2nd by Bob K. Approved

Financial Reort Reviewed by Susan Keene:  YTD balance: $89187.09

General Business: 
·      The issue of trash removal service being paid as part of our taxes.  Mike will look into the issue and report back to the board.
·      Landscaping, Mike reported on progress and future plans.
·      Greg suggested that the next meeting be scheduled for June.

Next Meeting:  June 18, 2018 7:00 pm @ Bob Stewart’s home.

Adjourment:  Bob made the motion to adjourn & was 2nd by Ralph @ 7:55pm. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,
Bob Stewart, Secretary

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

February 2018 Board Minutes

Westover  Woods February 27, 2018 Board Minutes

Place:  Greg Bill’s home

Attendees: Greg Ebert: President, Bill Slykas: Vice-President, Mike Lowden: Treasurer, Bob Stewart: Secretary, Bob Knopp: Member-at-large, John Copas: Member-at-large, & Andy Weathers: Member-at-large,
PSG:  Larry Edwards and Susan Keene
Absent: Ralph Culver: Member-at-large

Call to Order: 6:00 pm

Meeting Day and Time Change:  All agreed to change the meeting day and time to the third Monday of every month at 7 pm.

Approval of Jan 2018 Meeting’s Minutes:
Minutes were amended and approved by motion of Bill with 2nd from Bob

Financial Report Reviewed by Susan Keene: YTD balance: $83,299.20

Next Meeting: March 19, 2018 7:00 pm @ Bob Knopp’s home.

Beautification Project Update: Mike Lowden provided an update.  The lights on pond fountain needs replaced.  A motion to replace lights with a three year warranty for $954.10 was made by Bob with 2nd from Mike.  Motion passed.

President’s Report:   Greg suggested that we set June 9th from 8am to 5pm for the annual garage sale.  It was suggested that the lady’s luncheon group be contacted to see if the group would be willing to coordinate the event.

Adjournment:  Bill made the motion to adjourn & was 2nd by Bob @ 7:10 pm. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,
Bob Stewart, Secretary

Monday, March 5, 2018

January 2018 Board Minutes

Westover  Woods January 23, 2018 Board Minutes

Place:  Greg Ebert’s Home

Attendees: Greg Ebert: President, Bill Slykas: Vice-President, Mike Lowden: Treasurer, Bob Stewart: Secretary, Bob Knopp: Member-at-large, John Copas: Member-at-large, & Andy Weathers: Member-at-large,
PGS:  Larry Edwards and Susan Keene
Absent: Ralph Culver: Member-at-large

Call to Order: 6:00 pm

Introduction of all Members:  Greg welcomed the new members. He asked everyone to introduce themselves and talk about past experience. Greg also asked all the board members if they would agree to have their board position, email, and phone numbers posted on our web page?  All agreed.

Approval of Last October’s Meeting’s Minutes:
Minutes were approved by motion of Mike with 2nd from Bob

Review of Annual Meeting Minutes: The group reviewed the minutes of the last Annual Meeting and approved them to be submitted at the next annual meeting in November.

Financial Reort Reviewed by Susan Keene: YTD: $79,364.29 Important to note: The balance was after purchasing all the shingles to be used on the nine homes in 2018.  Only the costs of permits, incidental supplies, removal of old shingles, and labor will come from the 2018 budget.   

Next Meeting: Feb 27, 2018 6:00 pm @ Bill Slykas’ home.

Adjourment:  Bill made the motion to adjourn & was 2nd by Bob @ 7:10 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Bob Stewart, Secretary

Friday, January 26, 2018

Annual Meeting November 2016

Annual Westover Woods HOA Meeting – November 21, 2016
Place: Avon Town Hall
Attendance: Board Members – Chet Mayflower, Bob Stewart, Cheryl Simpson, Mike Lowden and Karen St.Clair; PSG Managers – Larry Edwards and Susan Keene; 24 homeowners; representing 20 households
I.              Call to Order by Chet Mayflower at 7:00 p.m.
II.            Reflections and Prayer by Chet Mayflower
III.          Review of 2015 HOA Minutes by Karen St.Clair – Karen Burnett made the motion to accept the minutes as written. 2nd by Joyce Pierce. Motion passed.  A copy of Board Policies and the Maintenance Policy was distributed at the meeting. (see attached copy)
IV.          PSG Reports
1.    Property by Larry Edwards – New roofs continue to be the focus for the next 2 ½ years. Small building repairs will be done on as needed basis and as called in by homeowners.  Per requested at meeting, Larry will work on an online reply after a work request has been submitted thru PSG’s website. 
2.    Financial by Susan Keene – YTD = $128,909.57; CD for $82,717.76 matured in October.  $20,000 of this money was transferred to checking account to purchase shingles needed for 2017. The other $62,717.76 was put into a new CD at Indiana Members Credit Union. The October Balance Sheet and Operating Statement were distributed at the meeting. (see attached copy)
Board Reports                                                                                                                            
3.  Overview by Chet Mayflower – Chet shared that he will be retiring from his position on the board and gave an overview of his service as the president on the board over the years since the HOA board began.  Chet became the first Board President in 2003 when the association was turned over to the homeowners by Scmadeke Developers.
4.    Beautification Report by Mike Lowden – 50% of the entrance landscaping is complete. Additional shrubs and flowers will be planted in the spring of 2017.  Brighter lights bulbs have been put in the street lamps on island.
5.    Covenant Review by Robert Stewart – Bob shared how one can access the covenants thru Westover Wood’s webpage.
6.    Budget Process by Cheryl Simpson – Cheryl shared what steps the board takes in determining the budget each year which include a) Prior year expenditures; b) New expenditures; and c) Fixed cost of contracted services.
V.            Projected Budget for 2017 by Cheryl Simpson - after review Cheryl Ebert made the motion to accept the 2017 budget. 2nd by Bill Slykas. Motion passed. (Projected budgets were sent to homeowners in HOA packet prior to meeting)
VI.          Election of Board Members – Two 3 year term positions were up this year, with one member retiring from the board.  Mike Lowden was reelected to the board along with Greg Ebert and Bill Slykas. This will give the board 6 members.
VII.        Other – Discussed concern about trash cans on driveways.  Conclusion was to put a reminder in the next newsletter and to send a letter to homeowners asking them to comply with covenants (Section F, p. 24)
VIII.      2017 HOA Meeting – scheduled for Mon. November 20, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.  Place: Avon Town Hall. Karen St.Clair will call to secure this date.
IX.          Meeting Adjourned – at 8:40 p.m.

Submitted by Karen St.Clair/Board Secretary

Westover Woods Owners Association Inc. Policy

Westover Woods Owners Association Inc.

Subject:                          Maintenance Policy
Purpose:                         Policy and Process for Maintenance, Repairs and Replacements on Homeowners Units  and Common Areas.
Responsibility:               Property Service Group for Westover Woods Owners Association, Inc.
Authority:                       Governing Documents- The Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions of Westover Woods, which are a part of the deed to every property and Indiana Law. Reference       Section: 16 Maintenance, Repairs and Replacement.
Contact:                           Property Services Group:
                                        Phone: 317-837-9860
                                        Email:  info@psgcondos.com
Homeowners Units the Property Service Group is responsible for the following maintenance, repairs and replacements and the cost is furnished by the Homeowners Association, Inc.:
Responsible:                   Exterior maintenance shall be provided upon each unit, which                                         is subject to assessment as follows:
Paint, repair, replacement and care of roofs, gutters, downspouts, and exterior  building surfaces.
Painting or staining of the exterior doors including garage doors. Also, the outside or exterior surface of patio fences, if there are any.
Responsible:                  Exterior maintenance shall not include glass surfaces, screens and screen doors, doors and windows fixtures and other hardware, patios, interiors

Areas:                            The Property Service Group is responsible for the service of maintenance, repairs, and replacements and upkeep of the Common Areas and the cost is furnished by the Homeowners Association Inc.

The information provided is not all-inclusive and represents some examples of maintenance, repairs and replacements. Each work request is subject to assessment by the Property Service Group and or the Board of directors.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Westover Woods Policies

 Westover Woods Policies
July 1, 2007 – Satellite dishes
Satellite dishes shall not be mounted to the roof.  Homeowners should let cable companies know this association policy when purchasing service.  Homeowners who currently have a satellite dish mounted to their roof will have to pay for the removal and remounting of the satellite dish when it is time for a new roof.
September 25, 2008 - Outdoor House Lighting:
1.      The association will make repairs to the garage photo cell light only: A homeowner will have to contact the property manager for repair. 
2.      All front exterior lighting fixtures can be replaced without architectural approval if it is the same size and style. 
3.     Approval allowing homeowners to place motion lights on the side and or rear of their homes for security purposes. 
October 23, 2009- Siding of homes
Anything on the exterior part of a home that can be cleaned by washing is the responsibility of the homeowner. If it requires heavy duty washing, it will be done at the discretion of the Board members.  
March 2011- Mailboxes
 Association will maintain the new mailboxes installed in 2010.
November 2012 - Trash containers
 Homeowners are to keep trash container in garage or courtyard. (p. 24 Section F in Covenants)

October 2017 Board Minutes


PLACE: Mike Lowden's Home

Attendees: Bob Srewart, Mike Lowden, Greg Ebert, Bill Slykas, Karen St. Clair PGS:Larry Edwards and Susan Keene *absent Cheryl Simpson.

Minutes were approved by motion of Greg Ebert with 2nd from Mike Lowden

The issue over the dead tree on the front of the community had been settled. The homeowner will have the removed and/or trimmed for safety sometime this winter when the ground is frozen.

YTD 111,467.26

Member of Indiana Credit Union Completed. Deposits will continue to made to Merchants until we can start writing our own and clean out all checking with Merchants.

Susan will send final report on (1) Annual (2) 2018 Budget and (3) Proxy

Larry Edwards will investigate whether we can apply rock to all sides of the pond.
He will also investigate the possibility of purchasing the narrow strip of land on the south side of the pond.

It was suggested that we construct a picnic area on the vacant lot on the North side of the Community. 
Greg Ebert presented photos of picnic areas of other similar communities. Larry and Greg will investigate the possibilities for our community.

RESIGNATION: Karen St. Clair advised the Board she did not intend to run for re-election for 2018 (after the meeting it was discovered that her term is not up this year but she decided to resign).

The ANNUAL MEETING will be held at the Avon Town hall on November 20th at 7:00pm.

ADJOURNMENT: Bill Slykas motion to adjourn was 2nd by Greg Lowden

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Slykas, Secretary