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Thursday, April 3, 2014

February 2014 Board Minutes

Place: Bob Stewart’s home
Attendance: Board members Bob Stewart, Mike Lowden, Cheryl Simpson, Ralph Culver and Karen St.Clair; Chet Mayflower absent; Larry Edwards and Susan Keene from Property Services Group
I.                Call to Order by Bob Stewart at 6:35 p.m.
II.             Review of Minutes
1.     November 2013 – Motion by Mike Lowden to accept. 2nd by Ralph Culver. Motion passed
2.     January 2014 – Motion by Cheryl Simpson to accept as revised. 2nd by Ralph Culver. Motion passed.
III.           Financial Report by Susan Keene
1.     Net worth = $214,584.68
2.     YTD Loss =   $4,594.22
The losses in January are due to paying Outdoor Solutions for fertilization in full for the year at a discounted price of $6,500.93 and for snow removal thus far totaling $6,023.00.
IV.           Property Report by Larry Edwards
1.     Reported minimal ice damming in community due to the freezing temperatures.
2.     Nationwide Insurance did a community wide inspection in February.  A report is forthcoming.
V.             Continuing Business
1.     Policies by Cheryl Simpson
A.    Procedure for Adoption of Policies and Procedures – Motion by Karen St.Clair to approve as amended. 2nd by Mike Lowden. Motion carried
B.    Architectural Control for Exterior Modifications – Discussion to continue at March    meeting.
C.    Pond Management – Suggestion was made to utilize this draft as a Process and Procedural Guideline for committee use instead of a board policy.  
2.     Imprellis Resolution Letter - a resolution was reviewed for planting 4 new pine trees at 798 Westover Road due to trees being missed on the Imprellis claim last year.  Motion was made by Cheryl Simpson to accept the resolution letter as amended. 2nd by Ralph Culver. Motion passed.  Chet Mayflower will present the resolution letter to the homeowners.  If the resolution is accepted, then Larry will begin work as soon as weather permits.
3.     Imprellis Reimbursements Letter – a letter was reviewed asking homeowners, who received money from DuPont, for reimbursement to the association for cutting down dead trees in their yards last year. (Average of $44.00 per tree). The letter was approved by the Board and will be sent out by Karen.

VI.           New Business
1.     Dead trees in backyard at 8128 Overbrook Drive –In early January Larry removed a fallen dead tree and repaired the roof at this address.  The homeowner has asked the association to cut down and remove the 2 remaining dead trees from the backyard. A motion was made by Cheryl Simpson to have a letter sent to the homeowner, in response to their question, asking the homeowner to remove their dead trees; as the By-laws state, trees on a homeowner’s property are the responsibility of the homeowner, This letter will be sent by management after verification is made that the dead trees are on this property.  2nd by Mike Lowden. Motion passed.  Larry will get the tree ownership verified.  

VII.         Other Business
1.     Snow plow damage to garage doors will be repaired after snow removal is complete for the snow season.
2.     Karen will report the pot holes forming along Burnett Blvd. to the Town of Avon.
3.     Ralph would like to revisit the yearly walk around inspections. Board agreed to schedule an inspection with Larry this spring.
4.     Karen found broken pieces of the lawn sprinkler at the front entrance. It is unknown who is responsible.
5.     Cheryl is drafting a Policy and Process on Complying to the Governing Documents.

VIII.       Dates
1.     March meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, March 25th at Mike Lowden’s home.
2.     Chet wants HOA meeting to be scheduled in late April or early May which will be done   at the March meeting.

IX.           Adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Submitted by Karen St.Clair