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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

August 2014 Board Minutes

Present: All board members including Chet Mayflower, Bob Stewart, Mike Lowden, Cheryl Simpson, Ralph Culver and Karen St.Clair; PSG Management – Larry Edwards and Susan Keene
I.      Call to Order by Chet Mayflower at 6:50 p.m.

II.      Reflections and Prayer by Chet Mayflower

III.   Review of July Board MinutesA motion was made from Bob Stewart to accept the July board minutes. 2nd by Mike Lowden. Motion passed

IV.   Financial Report by Susan Keene                                                                        
1.     YTD Net worth = $184,791.82
      YTD Income = $31,901.65 (from Western Asset transfer)
      YTD Total = $216,693.47
2.     Western Asset Fund liquidation of $32.783.21 was transferred to the Money Market account at Ameriana Bank to be used for roof replacement.

V.    Property Report by Larry Edwards
1. Siding repairs have been completed.
2. Shingles have been purchased and roof replacement at 8178-8175 Burnett has begun. Other          buildings on the roof schedule will follow shortly after.
3. Larry shared a 14% savings of purchasing shingles in bulk.  

VI.   Continuing Business
1. Roof Schedulea motion was made from Mike Lowden to revisit the motion in July to delete one of the units from the roof replacement schedule this year. 2nd by Karen St.Clair. Motion passed. After reviewing the savings of purchasing shingles in bulk, a motion was made by Bob Stewart to complete all 5 roofs on schedule for 2014 and to purchase the shingles needed for the 2015 roof schedule by the end 2014 for the savings.  2nd by Ralph Culver. Motion passed.  $37,829.46 will be needed for the shingle purchase.  After reviewing money available, a motion was made by Cheryl Simpson to liquidate the Morgan Stanley Nuveen Fund of $66,830.29 and to transfer this money, along with the $2,190.62 in bank deposits earned from interest, into the Money Market account at Ameriana Bank. 2nd by Bob Stewart. Motion passed.  
      2. Mowing bids – bids were reviewed from Allen & Scott, Classic Lawn Care and Sandoval Landscape. Sandoval’s bid in comparison with the others was much higher for mowing and snow removal.   A motion was made from Cheryl Simpson to accept a 3 year bid from Classic Lawn Care. 2nd by Bob Stewart.  Motion passed. The board agreed that $12,600 would be budgeted for 24 mows and $6,500 for 10 snows. Classic Lawn Care will be taking care of the snow removal for this winter season. 
      3. Picnic - Karen St.Clair will purchase the food. Paper products are not needed at this time.
      4. Pedcor Update– Karen spoke to the manager of Pedcor Properties. Pedcor is still waiting on closure from DuPont before action can be taken on the reimbursement request of dead trees removed on their property at the fence line along Overbrook Lane.  

VII.   New Business/Concerns                                                                                                          
      1. Board Election – Cheryl Simpson is the only member for re-election this year. Karen is to explore options to even out the vote schedule. 
      2. Car in driveway – Since Property Services has already sent a letter to the homeowner, the board agreed to follow the next step with attorney involvement.                                                 
      3.  Dog poo is still a problem. Karen will add a reminder in the next newsletter for residents to pick up after their dog(s).

VIII.  Next meeting  scheduled for Thurs. September 25, 2014 at Cheryl’s home

IX.     Meeting Adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Submitted by Karen St.Clair/Board Secretary