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Monday, July 31, 2017

May 2017 Board Minutes

Westover Woods Board minutes for May 23,2017

Place: Bob Stewart’s Home

Attendees: Board Members Bob Stewart, Greg Ebert, Karen St Clair, Mike Lowden, Cheryl Simpson and Bill Slykas, PGS: Larry Edwards and Susan Keene.

Call to order: by Bob Srewart at 6:00pm

Approval of last month’s minutes. Minutes were approved with one edit. Motion by Bill Slykas  2nd by Cheryl Simpson Motion passed.

General President's Request
Bob Stewart reported that an agreement was reached to appoint Bill Slykas as the Board Secretary and Karen St. Clair to Community Liaison. The Board unanimously approved.

Financial Report by Susan Keene
* Delinquent association fee payments were discusses.
* Bank charges for WOW accounts are still being investigated.

Property Report by Larry Edwards
*Larry is continuing to inspect the sprinkler system and repair as needed.
*The white Pine Tree on the common area behind the Culver property will be inspected and either sprayed or cut down as needed.

Continuing Business
*Mike Lowden reported that all plants in the entrance had been weeded and fertilized and all stakes had been removed from the trees. 
*Mike Lowden asked if there will be any possibility of funds remaining later in the year  to support the rock project for the reservoir? Susan Keene said she couldn't commit to anything yet, but the low amount of snow removal costs could help. Topic will be revisited at the end of the Summer.
*Cheryl Simpson will contact  Lana and arrange for her to paint the entrance signs and touch-up the brick fences around the community.

Next meeting
The Board agreed not to meet during June but scheduled a the next meeting for July 25th at Mike Lowdens home. Proposed by Bill Slykas 2nd by Cheryl Simpson. Motionpassed

Meeting Adjourned

Respectfully Submitted,
Bill Slykas Secratary