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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Annual Homeowner's Association Meeting- December 2, 2013

Annual Homeowner’s Association Meeting – December 2, 2013
Place: Avon Town Hall
Attendance:  Board members Chet Mayflower, President; Robert Stewart, Vice-President; Mike Lowden, Member-at-Large; Cheryl Simpson, Treasurer; Karen St.Clair, Secretary; Larry Edwards and Susan Keene, managers from Property Services Group and 25 residents, representing 20 homes.
I.               Call to order by Chet Mayflower at 7:00 p.m.
II.             Reflections and Prayer offered by Chet Mayflower
III.           Summary of 2012 Minutes  by Karen St.Clair
Karen Burnett made the motion to accept the minutes. 2nd by Harold Pierce. Motion passed
IV.           Year End Reports                                                                                    
A.    Property Report by Larry Edwards
1.     Roof replacement- finished 10 homes this year
2.     Imprellis claim with DuPont not totally complete. Homeowner’s affected with Imprellis damage have received their money, but the homeowner’s association has not receive money for one tree at the entrance and 16 dead trees along the Pedcore fence line.
3.     A concern from a homeowner who had trees affected and cut down this year from a contractor the HOA hired this year has not received any money for their trees.
Cheryl Simpson will meet with the homeowners to start a resolution process.
4.     Removal of dead trees – An in depth research was done by Cheryl Simpson to find who owns the property behind the homes along Burnett Blvd. It was discovered thru the research that Westover Woods owns 4.3 acres of that wooded land.  Thus, a contractor has been hired to remove trees in the woods that are unsafe to the homes behind Burnett Blvd.
5.     Thanks was expressed tonight from a homeowner for having the dead trees behind her home removed.
B. Financial Report and Investments by Susan Keene                                                                A copy of the October Operating Statement and October Balance Sheet was given to those in attendance.
1.     Net worth YTD as of October  = $233.152.33
2.     Net loss YTD as of October = $8,961.51 because of roof replacement
3.     Roof expense YTD as of October = $54,601.89 ($2,400 for roof repair and $52,201.89 for roof replacement)
V.             Proposed Budget for 2014 by Chet Mayflower
A copy of the proposed budget was sent to all homeowners prior to the meeting for review and discussed in detail at the meeting.  Monthly fees proposed to increase from $145.00 to $150.00.
A.    Exterior Maintenance – Roof replacement will continue budgeting $39,000 from Reserve and $21,000 from the budget.

B.    Grounds and Common Area Maintenance - contractors for 2014 include:
1.     Mowing –  new contract with Sandoval Lawn Care
2.     Fertilization – renewal with Outdoor Solutions for 3 treatments which include crabgrass treatment in the spring; broadleaf treatment in the summer and fertilizer in late summer/early fall.
3.     Trash Removal – new contract with Ray’s Trash Service will begin in January 2014.
Residents can sign up for recycling at an extra fee and can call ahead for heavy pickup. The only holidays trash service is not provided is on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.
4.     Snow Removal – new contract with Sandoval Lawn Care – they will remove snow when snowfall is at 3” or above, and tapering off.
5.     A concern from a homeowner was voiced about plans for treating icy drives and streets when that occurs.   The Board will investigate.
C.    Administrative by Cheryl Simpson
1.     Home Insurance – New policy with Nationwide Insurance, effective Dec. 15, 2013. One major reason for the change is increased rates with State Farm over the last 2 years by $8,000.  Cheryl Simpson checked with 8 insurance companies and found Nationwide to have the best coverage for the lowest price. Nationwide pays for the original spec of home with homeowners paying for betterments to their home.
2.     Board plans to schedule a homeowners meeting in January with a Nationwide Insurance representative so homeowners understand the master policy and learn what individual coverage they may need.
D.     Budget Vote
1.     A concern from a few homeowners was voiced about having enough long term funds in the Reserve account given the roof replacement project and other projects in the 2014 budget.  
2.     A motion to approve the budget for 2014 was made by Bill Slykas. 2nd by Sherry Lowden. Motion passed.  Monthly fee for 2014 will increase to $150.00.

VI.           Election of Officers
Susan Keene from Property Services Group tallied ballot votes while speeches were heard from Chet Mayflower, Mike Lowden, Ralph Culver and Cheryl Simpson on what they their focus was for Westover Woods.  Results for officers = 3 way tie for Chet Mayflower, Mike Lowden and Ralph Culver to serve a 3 year term (2014-2016) and for Cheryl Simpson to finish the last year of the term vacated by Russell Young (2014).   A motion was made by Cheryl Simpson for the board to include 6 officers due to the 3 way tie for 2 board positions.  2nd by John Baily. Motion passed.

VII.         Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Submitted by Karen St. Clair