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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

July 2016 Board Minutes

Westover Woods Board Meeting – July 26, 2016

Present: Board Members – Chet Mayflower, Bob Stewart, Mike Lowden and Karen St.Clair; PSG Management – Larry Edwards and Susan Keene
Place: Chet Mayflower’s home
Call to Order by Chet Mayflower at 6:37 p.m.

1. Margaret Mayflower recommended that the board consider installing post lamps on everyone’s property for additional lighting throughout the neighborhood once our reroofing project is completed.  Larry gave the board an idea of costs for materials, but highlighted the labor cost for digging and trenching could bump up the cost significantly.
2. Rob Cox, owner of Classic Lawn Care,  came to answer questions and concerns. (See notes below under Continuing Business/#4 Lawn Care)
Reflections by Chet Mayflower
Review of the May Minutes by Karen St.Clair –Mike Lowden made the motion to accept the minutes as written. 2nd by Bob Stewart. Motion passed  
Financial Report by Susan Keene     
          YTD balance = $125,272.17
          Susan suggests that we add some lines in our budget for noting general expenses. 
Property Report by Larry Edwards
1.  Last set of roofs to be done this year will be completed next month.
2.  Test homes were power washed. Larry indicated the homes needed to be washed before ‘Spray and Forget’ was applied since he found that ‘Spray and Forget’ is a preventive product, recommended to be applied yearly.  Bob Stewart found in our governing documents that the HOA is responsible to clean the siding of homes as needed.
Continuing Business 
 1. Sprinkler System Update - Karen St.Clair reported that two irrigation companies have assessed the irrigation system since our May board meeting. Both companies have found the leak to be main line related. Finding this leak without having the underground specs for piping makes it difficult and costly to repair. A motion was made by Karen St.Clair that we not repair the irrigation system, continue to water manually as needed, and have Aqua Management professionally close the system in the fall.  2nd by Bob Stewart.  Motion passed.
2. Dead trees at Entrance by Mike Lowden – There are 2 trees in question along Burnett Blvd planted last Feb.  There is no warranty on the trees.   The board agreed to leave the trees alone and see if they pull through, and replace next year, if necessary.
3. Sport Fishing by Chet Mayflower – There has been fishing at the pond by a resident’s family member and his friends.  For liability issues, Mike Lowden made the motion to have a ‘Resident Fishing Only, Catch and Release’ sign made and installed at the pond.  2nd by Bob Stewart. Motion passed.  TO DO: Larry will order the sign and install. Karen will add this notice to the August newsletter. 
 4.  Lawn Care by Mike Lowden - Rob Cox, owner of Classic Lawn Care, came to board meeting to address board questions and concerns about lawn care.  Rob Cox apologized for not completing the edging and trimming of the bushes at entrance.  Rob will hire additional staffing to finish this work.  Since this first edging is being completed so late in the season, the board agreed to have only one edging completed this year.  The mulching at the North and South entrance still needs to be done, but Rob said that is PSG’s job. 
New Business
 1. Budget Categories – started discussion about categories on operating statement of budget and adding a general category to identify expenses that do not fall within a specific category. Discussion will continue at the August board meeting.                                                                         
 2. Siding Damages reported due to mowing. TO DO:  Larry will repair damaged siding at the end of the mowing season and charge Classic Lawn Care.                                                
 3. Landscaping at Entrance – it was agreed by the board to consider hiring one company to plant perennials at entrance, mulch, trim bushes, weed the common areas and to report back to the board.   
TO DO: Mike Lowden will contact companies for bids.
Meeting adjourned at 8:07 p.m.
Next meeting scheduled for Tues. August 23rd at 6:30 p.m. Place: Mike Lowden’s home
Minutes submitted by Karen St.Clair
TO DO’s 
1.  Larry will order a ‘Resident Fishing Only, Catch and Release’ sign for pond and install. Karen will add notice to the August newsletter about this request.
2.  Larry will repair damaged siding by mowers at the end of the mowing season and charge Classic Lawn Care.
3.  Mike Lowden will contact companies for bids for planting perennials, mulching, trimming bushes, and weeding common areas and report findings.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

May 2016 Board Minutes

Westover Woods Board Meeting – May 24, 2016
Present: Board Members – Chet Mayflower, Bob Stewart, Mike Lowden, Cheryl Simpson and Karen St.Clair; PSG Management – Larry Edwards and Susan Keene
Place: Karen St.Clair’s home
A resident of Westover Woods was in attendance before start of meeting to share a concern about replacing and cleaning drier vents. This resident is concerned of the boards motion last month to cease drier vent cleaning. This resident has been requesting cleaning multiple times a year.  This month the vent screen was taken out of the drier vent at this location to help with the constant build up of lint and to adhere to proper installation. The board decided to follow up with the resident on how this correction helps before taking any new action. Motion from last month will remain the same. List of Responsibilities will be taken off our webpage until an update is made to cease the cleaning of drier vents.  To Do: Karen will contact Cody from PSG office to remove List of Maintenance Responsibilities and send updated list for webpage.
Call to Order by Chet Mayflower at 6:35 p.m.
Reflections and Prayer by Chet Mayflower
Review of April MinutesBob Stewart made the motion to accept minutes as written. 2nd by Mike Lowden. Motion passed.
April Financial Report by Susan Keene                                                                                                                                 YTD = 123,241.81
1. Checking account and CD are with First Merchants now since Ameriana closed. To Do: Cheryl will check to see when CD renews at First Merchant’s Bank. Part of this money will be needed for reroofing project.   
2. To Do: Karen will find out if Ray’s Trash has a complimentary heavy trash pickup service to info homeowners.  Homeowners will be responsible for any heavy pick up fee if a complimentary service is not provided. 
Property Report by Larry Edwards 
Repairs to roofs due to high winds the last few months has been completed.  There are two and half years are left with the reroofing project.  
Old Business                                                                                                                                            
 1.  Beautification – To Do: PSG to replace dead shrubs at entrance.  To Do:  Classic Lawn Care to trim Burning bushes, mulch 2 front sides at entrance first week of June.                                                       
2.  Sprinkler System - Karen St.Clair provided the name of several local irrigation companies. After board discussion, Cheryl Simpson made the motion to hire Allen & Scott Landscaping to provide the following: open and close the sprinkler system, do yearly Indiana State Law backflow test and to find and repair the water leak in our system. 2nd by Mike Lowden.  Motion passed.  To Do: Karen will notify Allen & Scott of our request to contract irrigation work for this year.
 3.  Power washing – Karen St.Clair shared information that she learned from a few companies of their power washing procedures and warranties.  Karen also gave an update on PSG’s services and association costs thus far.  After board discussion on various suggestions, Mike Lowden made a motion to test clean the current list of homes that the owners have submitted a request, with Spray and Forget, and determine results before action plan is created for the future.  2nd by Cheryl.  Motion passed.  To Do: Larry will provide a total price for power washing job with new product to board, and power wash the identified homes. To Do: Bob will review our governing documents and the List of Responsibilities for cleaning siding and report back to the board at the next meeting.
New Business 
1.   Leaning trees along entrance – To Do: PSG will straighten.
2.   Concern for Mosquitoes – To Do: Karen St.Clair will see if Town of Avon sprays for mosquitoes.
3.   Damaged trash cans –Ray’s Trash will replace any damaged trash cans.  To Do: Karen will share info about Ray’s Trash Service in next newsletter including policy on heavy trash pickup.                   
Next meeting scheduled for Tues. July 26th at 6:30 p.m. Location: Chet’s home                                                                       
Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.
Submitted by Karen St.Clair/Secretary