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Monday, December 10, 2012

Westover Woods Maintenance Responsibilities



·               Lawn Care
Ø  Cutting, trimming and blowing off walk
Ø  Fertilizations and weed control
Ø  Edging (When the contract calls for it)
·               Landscaping (Common areas only)
Ø  Watering, trimming, clean up and maintenance of the front entrance and other common areas
·               Maintenance of entrance and common area lighting
·               Pond maintenance
·               Plowing of drives and other areas as called for in contract
·               Building Maintenance
Ø  Gutters and downspouts (Replacement, repair and maintenance)
Ø  Fascia and soffit (Replacement, repair and maintenance)
Ø  Siding and Brick (Replacement, repair and maintenance)
Ø  Sheet metal, vinyl and wood trim on exterior surfaces of buildings (Replacement, repair, maintenance and painting)
Ø  Brick mold around doors and windows and trim under door thresholds (Replacement, repair, maintenance and painting)
Ø  Roofing, roof sheeting, flashings, vents, sewer vent boots and flashings (Replacement, repair and maintenance)
Ø  Drier vents (Replacement and cleaning of roof and wall vents) Note:  Homeowner is responsible for related interior ducting
Ø  Shutters (Replacement, repair and maintenance)
Ø  Doors and windows – Painting only
·               Fences
Ø  Gates – Wood, frames latched and hinges (Replacement, repair, maintenance and painting or staining)
Ø  Brick fences and caps (Repair and maintenance)
·               Electrical
Ø  Replacement of photo eyes on garage lights
Ø  Repairs and replacements of entrance, sign and common areas lighting (Including service, control devices, conduits and lines)
·               Plumbing
Ø  Repairs and replacement to common areas water supplies and sprinklers (Entrance to community)
·               Drainage
Ø  Repairs and maintenance to run offs, storm drain and pond overflows not taken care of by the City.
Ø  Sewer maintenance that is not related to a single unit that is not taken care of by the city.


·               Landscaping
Ø  Shrubs & trees (Planting, trimming, maintenance and replacement)
Ø  Plant beds (Maintenance of)
·               Exterior doors (entrance, side lights, garage, storm and screen doors including hardware)
Ø  Replacement, repair and maintenance except for painting
·               Windows
Ø  Replacement, repair and maintenance of window, glass and screens.
·               Screened and “4” season rooms
Ø  Replacement and replacement of windows, screen, screen doors and hardware (Homeowners Association paints exterior surfaces)
·               Court Yards and Court Yard divider Walls
Ø  Replacement, repair and maintenance
·               Concrete Walks and Drives
Ø  Replacement, repair and maintenance except for clearing of snow
·               Electrical
Ø  Outside wall and yard fixtures (Replacement, repair and maintenance)
Ø  Meter base, service entrance and all related hardware and devices (Replacement, repair and maintenance)
·               Water
Ø  Pit, meter base and all piping after the meter including piping under the slab, in walls and outside faucets (Replacement, repair and maintenance)
·               Gas
Ø  All piping after the meter including piping under the slab and in walls (Replacement, repair and maintenance)
·               Phone, cable and satellite dishes
Ø  All metering devices, wires, cables and dishes (Replacement, repair and maintenance)
Notes:  Dishes cannot be mounted on shingled roof surfaces and all damage resulting from the installation to the building is the responsibility of the homeowner to repair
·               Waste drainage
Ø  Drain lines inside, under and outside the building that do not belong to the city or are common with another unit.
·               Fireplace vents and furnace flue stacks
Ø  Replacement, repair and maintenance