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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 2015 Board Minutes

Present: Board Members – Bob Stewart, Cheryl Simpson, Mike Lowden, Ralph Culver and Karen St.Clair
PSG Management – Larry Edwards and Susan Keene
Place:  Bob Stewart’s home
I.   Call to order by Bob Stewart at 6:35 p.m.
II.  Review of January 2015 Minutes – Financial Report
     amendment…$4960.00 was deposited in the Ameriana
     checking account.  Motion was made by Ralph Culver
     to accept the minutes as amended. 2nd by Karen
     St.Clair. Motion passed.
III. Financial Report  by Susan Keene
     YTD balance = $166,468.29
     1.     To Do: Susan will contact Ameriana Bank to
     initiate a name change on the checking account, 
     adding Cheryl Simpson, board treasurer.  
     To Do:  Cheryl will follow thru with the January
     board motion to transfer $30,000 from the checking
     account to the money market account at Ameriana Bank.
     2.      Accounts receivable for Volpatti Estate will be
     frozen at the current amount of $2,380 since this
     home was recently vacated and undergoing
     a foreclosure process.
IV.  Property Report – To Do: Susan will invite Rob Cox
     from Classic Lawn Care to the April board meeting
     for discussion of mowing procedures, services
     and expectations.
V.   Continuing Business  
     1.     The Lawyer representing Westover Woods has sent a
     letter to the Vice President and Legal Counsel for
     Pedcor Investments regarding stump removal,
     replanting and soil remediation for trees removed by
     Westover Woods in April 2013. Intentions for their
     anticipated timeline were requested within 15 days of
     the letter dated March 13, 2015.
VI.  New Business
     1.     Satellite dishes – the board reviewed a request
     received by a homeowner to dismiss a letter the
     homeowner received regarding the homeowner’s
     responsibility due to a satellite dish mounted to the
     home.  After the board reviewed past board
     actions/notifications to homeowners concerning the
     satellite policy, the board decided the informational
     letter that was sent to 9 homeowners will remain
     applicable.  To Do: Larry will have Brandon (PSG
     office secretary) follow up with a letter to
     homeowner with the board’s response.
     2.     Beautification project – To Do: Larry will
     replace newly planted pear tree on the southeast side
     of the pond. To Do: Larry will get the prices for the
     following: 2 park benches, pear trees for entry and 
     2 new entrance signs.
     3.     Brick Wall Spaulding – To Do: Cheryl will check
     with a homeowner of interest and a bid for painting
     the spaulded brick for the community.   
VII. Next board meeting – Tues. April 21st at 6:30 p.m.
     Location: Mike Lowden’s home
VIII.Adjourned at 8:15 p.m.
Submitted by Karen St.Clair/Board Secretary

January 2015 Board Minutes

Present:  Board Members – Bob Stewart, Cheryl Simpson and Karen St.Clair;
PSG Management – Larry Edwards and Susan Keene
Place: Cheryl Simpson’s home
I.   Call to order by Bob Stewart at 6:40 p.m.
II.  Review October Minutes – minutes were approved as 
III. Financial Report by Susan Keene
      1. Check was received in December from DuPont 
         for Imprellis claim. $4960.00 was deposited 
         to the Ameriana checking account.
      2. Motion made by Cheryl Simpson to transfer 
         $30,000 from Ameriana Checking to Ameriana Money 
         Market.  2nd by Karen St.Clair. Motion passed.
IV.   Property Report by Larry Edwards
      1. Letters were sent to homeowners who had satellite
         dishes on their roofs.
      2. John Hall fixed the water leak in December. 
         Citizen’s Water was contacted and $3,846.62 
         was credited to the account.
      3. Roofing will begin when weather is warmer.
      4. Drier vents:  Some homes have roof vents for the
         dryer (which get clogged easier) rather than
         regular dryer vents. When roofs are replaced
         regular drier vents are being installed.
V.    Continuing Business 
      1. A letter will be sent from our lawyer (via motion
         made at Annual Meeting) to Pedcor’s lawyer asking
         for reimbursement and replacement of dead trees 
         along the fence line between Westover Woods and
         the Pedcor property.
VI.    New Business
       1.PSG will invite Rob Cox, from Classic Lawn Care,
         to the next board meeting to talk about mowing
VII.   Next board meeting - Tuesday, March 17th at 
       6:30 p.m.  Location: Bob Stewart’s home
VIII.  Adjourned at 7:25 p.m.
Submitted by Karen St.Clair/Board Secretary