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Friday, September 30, 2016

August 2016 Board Minutes

Westover Woods Board Meeting – August 25, 2016
Present: Board Members – Chet Mayflower, Bob Stewart, Mike Lowden, Cheryl Simpson and Karen St.Clair; PSG Management – Susan Keene
Place: Mike Lowden’s home
Call to Order by Chet Mayflower at 6:37 p.m.
Reflections by Chet Mayflower
Review of July Minutes: Correction to be made - Delete ‘Dead’ under Continuing Business #2. Bob Stewart made the motion to accept the corrected minutes.  2nd by Mike Lowden. Motion passed.
Financial Report by Susan Keene                                                                                                                                             YTD balance = 129,716.16
Continuing Business
 1. Budget Categories – After discussion, the board agreed to refine a few of the budget categories. A Common category will be added to include Entrance, Maintenance and Development expenses, and   the Lake and Beautification categories will be combined.
2. Review Bids – Bids for Landscaping and Fertilization will be ready for view in September.  After board discussion last month concerning the major repairs needed for the irrigation system, Mike Lowden made the motion to cease running the irrigation system and to have the water meter removed.  2nd by Bob Stewart. Motion passed.   This will allow the credit of nearly $2,800 to be paid back from Citizen’s Water so the money can be applied to other areas in the budget for next year.  To Do: Karen St.Clair will make the calls to Citizen’s Water and Aqua Management.
3. Budget timeline – budget completion goal is set for October, in prep of the November HOA meeting.
New Business
1.  Board Elections –Mike Lowden and Chet Mayflower are up for reelection this year. Chet shared that he will not be rerunning for another term, creating one board vacancy
2.  Pedcor Responsibility – It has become aware that the mowing and caring of trees along the Pedcor fence line is not taking place by the responsible party (Pedcor). Currently the mowing crew for Westover Woods is mowing this area and will continue to do so until Pedcor is notified and this situation is resolved.   To Do: Susan will contact Pedcor Management.
3.  Avon Plan Commission meeting – Chet Mayflower attended and gave an update on replat of Westover Commons.  The 6.61 acres consisting of 1 lot, 1 block and 1 common area to be replatted.  There are no immediate plans of development.
Next Meeting scheduled for Tues. September 27th at 6:30 p.m.  Place: Cheryl Simpson’s home
Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.    Minutes submitted by Karen St. Clair
To Do’s  1. Karen will call Citizen’s Water and Aqua Management   2. Susan will call Pedcor Management