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Friday, December 1, 2017

September 2017 Board Minutes

PLACE: Bill Slykas' Home

ATTENDEES: Bob Stewart, Mike Lowden, Greg Ebert, Karen St. Clair, Cheryl Simpson, Bill Slykas, PGS Larry Edwards, and Susan Keene.

Minutes were approved by motion of Mike Lowden with 2nd. by Greg Ebert.

Larry and a homeowner have discussed the tree issue at the SW corner of the community.  Bob will also follow up with that homeowner and report back at next meeting.

YTD: $$115,200.00
The remainder of the meeting was devoted to the development of the Community Budget for 2018 with the following preliminary amounts per category:

Maintenance Fee......................$115,200.00

WW Exterior Maintenance
Building/Painting/Brick Walls.....$5,000 .00
Roof Repairs..............................$1,500,00
Roof Replacement.....................$28,000.00

WW Beautification
Ground Maintenance...............$1,500,00

WW Contracted Services
Trash Removal.........................$6,852.00
Snow Removal.........................$3,000.00

WW Utilities
Duke Energy..............................$1,500.00

WW Administrative

                                   TOTAL     $114,478.00
Susan will refine the budget and bring to next meeting.

Next month’s meeting to be held at Mike Lowdens' home on October 31,2017 at 6:00pm.

Motion to adjourn was made by Mike Lowden and 2nd. by Greg Ebert

Respectfully submitted,  Bill Slykas, Secretary

August 2017 Board Minutes


Place: Karen St. Clair’s home.  Attendees: Bob Stewart, Mike Lowden, Greg Ebert, Karen St. Clair, Bill Slykas, PGS Larry Edwards and Susan Keene.  Absent:  Cheryl Simpson Call to order by Bob Stewart at 6pm.

Minutes were approved with minor edit motion by Mike Lowden with 2nd. By Greg Ebert

Bob Stewart presented a detailed service request procedure involving the use of the PGS website. The approved procedure will be added to the next News Letter.

YTD:: $119,066.45

Larry Edwards reported that necessary repairs and replacements were made to the sprinkler systems in and near the entrance to the property.

Mike Lowden reported that the repairs and painting of both of the welcome signs have been completed.
The “FOR SALE” sign of the community Developer that is located in the front of the property was discussed . The condition of the sign is considered and eye sore. Larry and Mike will attempt to contact the developer and request the sign be repaired or removed.

Mike Lowden submitted a quote from Silver Lining Company for next year’s landscaping services. This item will be considered at next month’s budget preparation meeting.

Mike Lowden requested that consideration for the procuring of quotes to add rocks to the pond area. After some discussion it was agreed to table the request for consideration of planning the work for a winter application.

NEXT MEETING: The next month’s meeting was scheduled for Monday Sept. 18th. At 6;00 pm at Bill Slykas’ home. The board members were advised that the budget preparation will take place at that meeting and additional time will be needed.

ADJOURNMENT: Mike Lowden’s motion to adjourn was 2ndby Greg Ebert

Respectfully Submitted,
Bill Slykas

Thursday, August 31, 2017

July 2017 Board Minutes


PLACE: Mike Lowdens Home

ATTENDEES:  Mike Lowden, Bob Stewart, Cheryl Simpson, Greg Ebert, 
Karen St. Clair, Bill Slykas, PGS: Larry Edwards and Susan Keene

CALL TO ORDER:  Bob Stewart

Minutes were approved with one minor edit motion by Cheryl Simpson with 2nd. by MikeLowden

All requests of PGS should be directed to Brandon's attention with follow up by Larry.
Bob asked if the water bill had been received. Susan reported that the most recent bill has been received at a total of $120.00. This is a more reasonable amount.

It was reported that a total of eight roofs have been or will be completed this year.
Nine additional single units will be completed next year and the final five scheduled for 2009. The schedule is posted on the Westover Woods home page.

Mike reported that the majority of the sprinkler system has been made functional by Larry. The addition of one more line will be budgeted in the future. 

It was noted that a great deal of erosion is taking place in areas around the pond.
A determination if the areas are common ground or resident’s property should be considered. Mike will report at the next meeting.

It was noted that a serious geese infestation is taking place in and around the pond. Mike provided a possible solution which would result in the purchase of a floatation device designed to rid geese from a given area The cost of the item was noted at $350.00. Bob requested that Susan research the item including installation costs.

YTD: :$122,056.12
Susan reported that she will transfer the Westover Woods bank account from First Merchants to either The Bank of Lizton or the Indiana Credit Union. The reason given is that First Merchants would not wave the costs to maintain the account.

Work on the front sign will not be done, as reported, by Lana. A motion by Cheryl with a 2nd. by Mike to have Larry repair the sign and report back on the project at the next meeting. Motion passed.

It was discussed that the only services to require for bids will be the landscaping and snow removal service and the fertilization service.

Bill Slykas requested that PGS advise the Board of the vital information of all new residents to the community so that he could get accurate information to welcoming them into the community. Larry agreed.

The August Meeting will be held at Karen St. Clair home on Tuesday, August 29th at 6:00PM.

The meeting was adjourned by the motion of Cheryl Simpson 2nd. by Mike.Lowden. Motion passed.

Respectfully Submitted,
Bill Slykas

Monday, July 31, 2017

May 2017 Board Minutes

Westover Woods Board minutes for May 23,2017

Place: Bob Stewart’s Home

Attendees: Board Members Bob Stewart, Greg Ebert, Karen St Clair, Mike Lowden, Cheryl Simpson and Bill Slykas, PGS: Larry Edwards and Susan Keene.

Call to order: by Bob Srewart at 6:00pm

Approval of last month’s minutes. Minutes were approved with one edit. Motion by Bill Slykas  2nd by Cheryl Simpson Motion passed.

General President's Request
Bob Stewart reported that an agreement was reached to appoint Bill Slykas as the Board Secretary and Karen St. Clair to Community Liaison. The Board unanimously approved.

Financial Report by Susan Keene
* Delinquent association fee payments were discusses.
* Bank charges for WOW accounts are still being investigated.

Property Report by Larry Edwards
*Larry is continuing to inspect the sprinkler system and repair as needed.
*The white Pine Tree on the common area behind the Culver property will be inspected and either sprayed or cut down as needed.

Continuing Business
*Mike Lowden reported that all plants in the entrance had been weeded and fertilized and all stakes had been removed from the trees. 
*Mike Lowden asked if there will be any possibility of funds remaining later in the year  to support the rock project for the reservoir? Susan Keene said she couldn't commit to anything yet, but the low amount of snow removal costs could help. Topic will be revisited at the end of the Summer.
*Cheryl Simpson will contact  Lana and arrange for her to paint the entrance signs and touch-up the brick fences around the community.

Next meeting
The Board agreed not to meet during June but scheduled a the next meeting for July 25th at Mike Lowdens home. Proposed by Bill Slykas 2nd by Cheryl Simpson. Motionpassed

Meeting Adjourned

Respectfully Submitted,
Bill Slykas Secratary

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

February 2017 Board Minutes

Board Minutes for February 28, 2017
Place: Greg Ebert’s home                                                                                                                                             
Attendance: Board Members Bob Stewart, Greg Ebert, Karen St.Clair and Mike Lowden (1/2 of meeting); Larry Edwards and Susan Keene from PSG; Absent Cheryl Simpson and Bill Slykas
Call to Order by Bob Stewart at 6:00 p.m.
Review of January Minutes – Mike Lowden made motion to accept the minutes as written. 2nd by Greg Ebert. Motion passed.
Financial Report by Susan Keene
YTD = 116,796.47                                                                                
A lien was put on a property due to several months of unpaid dues. Recording and attorney fees will be absorbed by property owner.                                                                                                                                                      
Property Report by Larry Edwards  
1. New electric eye installed at entrance.                
2. Reroofing – work begins on 1st home next week  
3. Fertilization/Weed Control - Outdoor Solutions sold part of their business to another company which included Westover Woods. Larry Edwards brought 3 bids for review. Each of the bids included 4 treatments. After board discussion, Karen made the motion to contract Growing Image for the work this year. 2nd by Greg Ebert.  Motion passed. This bid for $4749.05, including tax, came in under budget.
4. Power Washing – Larry Edwards shared an estimate for 21 homes to be power washed. 
Continuing Business                                                                                                                                                                                    
1.  Thank you letter - Karen St.Clair shared a drafted letter be sent to Pedcor for their quick follow-up to our tree care request along the fence line.  Karen will check with town on the responsible party that cares for the front property along Dan Jones before sending the letter with an added request about care of the trees around the pond.
2. Landscaping - Mike Lowden shared a bid for $4,460.50 from Silver Lining Landscape to complete, repair, and maintain landscaping at entrance and throughout the community common areas.  Mike will check to see if weed control and spring/fall cleanup is included with this bid. This project will be funded from the Entrance and Grounds Maintenance budget.  Greg Ebert made the motion to accept the bid from Silver Lining for landscaping completion, repairs and maintenance.   2nd by Karen St.Clair.  Motion passed.                             
New Business 
1.  Mike Lowden shared a 2nd bid from Silver Lining Landscape for stick edging all sidewalks, driveways and front walks 2 times during the mowing season.  This bid is for $1,000.  Further discussion at next board meeting.  
2. Bob Stewart shared a request from a homeowner for permission to leave a trailer on their property beyond 48 hours but with the assurance it will be moved by 3/6/17.  Permission was granted from the board.
Next Meeting – to be held Tues. May 23rd at 6:00 p.m.  Place: Bob Stewart’s home.        
Meeting Adjourned at 7:10 p.m.
Minutes submitted by Karen St.Clair/Board Secretary                                                                                                             

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

January 2017 Board Minutes

Board Minutes for January 24, 2017                                                                                                                 
Place: Bill Slykas’s home 
Attendance: Board Members Bob Stewart, Greg Ebert, Cheryl Simpson, Mike Lowden, Bill Slykas and Karen St.Clair; Larry Edwards and Susan Keene from PSG
Call to Order by Bob Stewart at 6:00 p.m.
Review of October Minutes – It was suggested to clarify how the CD that matured in October was divided.  Mike Lowden made the motion to accept the board minutes with the suggested revision.                 
2nd by Greg Ebert.  Motion passed. 

Financial Report by Susan Keene 
YTD = $111,567.36                                                                                   
First Merchant’s $20,000 Money Market account was closed in November to purchase shingles for the eight homes to be re-roofed this year.

Property Report by Larry Edwards   
1.  Shingles for 2017 were purchased = $24,564.77  
2.  Roof repairs completed due to blown off shingles                                                                                
2017 Budget Expenditures – For the February board meeting Larry Edwards will get a cost for power washing homes of algae, and Mike Lowden will get a cost for landscape completion at the entrance. 

 Old Business  
1. Trash Can Update – In December 4 homeowners received a letter and have complied with putting their trash cans away/out of site properly. Two new letters were sent out today.  Since our covenants states services can be restricted from a homeowner, Mike Lowden made the motion to send a final notice to homeowners, giving a 10 day warning, before action takes place to cease their trash service for 2 weeks. 2nd by Cheryl Simpson. Motion passed. Larry Edwards volunteered to deliver the final notice and talk with the homeowner if this action becomes necessary.
2. Pedcor Tree Update – Pedcor received the certified letter from the board and honored our request to fertilize, mulch and care for the trees that they planted along the fence line last year.

Other  News – Mike Lowden treated the evergreens at the entrance. Karen St.Clair shared the Town of Avon’s plans to close 267(Avon Ave.) for 15 months beginning Feb. 6, 2017.  This closure is from US 36 south to 100 South, due to the construction of a bridge over CSX railroad tracks.

Next Meeting Tues. February 28th at 6:00 p.m.  Place: Greg Ebert’s home

Adjournment - Cheryl Simpson made the motion to adjourn. 2nd by Mike Lowden. Motion passed Meeting ended at 7:15 p.m.                
Minutes submitted by Karen St.Clair/Board Secretary