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Thursday, December 5, 2013

October 2013 Board Minutes

Place: Karen St.Clair’s home
Attendance: Board members present- Chet Mayflower, Cheryl Simpson, Mike Lowden and Karen St.Clair; Larry Edwards and Susan Keene from Property Services Group; Bob Stewart – absent
I.                Call to order by Chet Mayflower at 6:45 p.m.
II.             Reflections by Chet Mayflower – Great Thinkers like Paul
III.           Review September Minutes
IV.            Property Report by Larry Edwards
1.     Roof update – 8 of the 10 homes on schedule for this year have been completed. Not all of the homes have the same amount of square feet. Average costs = $11,155.84/per pair of roofs averaging 56 square feet. Edwards Roofing charges $82.50-$84.00 per square. The normal costs are $100 per square with insurance companies charging up to $110.00 per square. Larry expects the labor charges to remain the same.
2.     Tree Report (DuPont claim) - The 2 homeowners that had trees impacted from the Imprelis have received their money.  
V.             Updates from Karen St.Clair
1.     Clean up at the end of Overbrook has been completed by Wolf’s Tree Service.
2.     Annual Fall Picnic was rainy but successful. There were 13 in attendance. Karen shared with the board the town will not give a reimbursement for cancelling an event at the Avon Town Shelter making it difficult to schedule a rain date.  If the picnic is held on our property a rain date can be set.  
VI.           Investment Report by Cheryl Simpson
1.     Nuveen dividend = $136.60 as of 9/30/13 
2.     Western Asset dividend = $87.78
VII.         Financial Report by Susan Keene
1.     Total net worth = $254,476.36
2.     September YTD loss = $14,128.04  (transferred from the Reserve fund for roofing project)
3.     Republic Trash Service went up from $515.00 to $587.33
VIII.       Revised Roof Proposal by Cheryl Simpson
Board agreed to stay with the current roofing schedule that was approved at the Special HOA meeting on July 1, 2013.
IX.           Bids and Budget for 2014
A.    Insurance Bids by Cheryl Simpson
1.     After board discussion and review of the coverage with Nationwide, Travelers and State Farm insurance companies, a motion was made by Mike Lowden to have Cheryl Simpson get a rate from Travelers’ Insurance for Single Entity coverage for further comparison with Nationwide Insurance. 2nd by Cheryl Simpson.
2.     A motion was made by Cheryl to have Nationwide or Traveler’s insurance agent speak to the community about inside coverage on their homes and what our Master Policy covers. 2nd by Mike Lowden.
B.    Grounds Maintenance Bids by Susan Keene
1.     Pond - After discussion, the board agreed to budget $120.00 for chemical treatment to be completed by Cheryl and to budget $300.00 for spraying weeds around the three pond inlets and one outlet.  
2.     Fertilization - board agreed to stay with Outdoor Solutions for fertilization, budgeting $6,842.09 for 3 instead of 4 (Early Spring, Late Spring and Fall application). 
3.     Mowing/Snow – board agreed to hire Sandoval for mowing and snow removal.
Mowing - budgeted $16,000 (24 mows x $695.00 per cut)
Snow - budgeted $6,625 for 6 snows
4.     Lawn Care – Susan will follow up with Sandoval to find out what Scandoval’s lawn care includes for $1,795.00.
5.     Irrigation – board agreed to stay with Keeping It Green, budgeting $300.00 for service.
C.     Common Area Bids
1.     Trash – board agreed to hire Ray’s Trash service, budgeting $6,912 for 1st year and $7,119.36 for years 2 and 3, which includes a 3% fuel charge.
D.    Community Beautification Projects for 2014 by Mike Lowden and Cheryl Simpson
1.     Dead Trees in Woods – board agreed to hire Wolf’s Tree Service to cut down 40 dead trees behind the homes on Burnett Blvd. These trees will be cut down as low to the ground as possible and dropped in the woods.  Cost = $3,500 - $3,900 depending on the time it takes to do the work.
2.     Aerator Fountain for the pond – board agreed to hire ASAP to install a 120 v. aerator fountain.
Cost = $2,922.19 which includes cable for set up and tax.  Electricity hook up = $1,300.
3.     Rip Rap around pond – Reviewed bids from Allen & Scott and John Hall Construction
4.     Aerating lawn and slot seeding – Larry will provide a quote.
X.             Annual Meeting Agenda by Chet Mayflower – Date needs to be changed for the annual meeting.  
XI.           Meeting Adjourned at 10:30 p.m.

Submitted by Karen St.Clair

Addendum – New date for Annual meeting is Monday December 2nd, 2013 at Avon Town Hall.  

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