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Friday, May 2, 2014

March 2014 Board Minutes

Present: Board members Chet Mayflower, Robert Stewart, Mike Lowden, Ralph Culver, Karen St.Clair; Larry Edwards and Susan Keene from PSG Management
Place: Mike Lowden’s home
Call to Order at 6:40 p.m. by Chet Mayflower                                                                     
Reflections by Chet Mayflower
Review of February Minutes – Motion from Bob Stewart to accept the minutes as written. 2nd by Mike Lowden. Motion passed.
1.     Resignation: Chet Mayflower received resignation letter from Cheryl Simpson on March 16, 2014.  Thank you card signed by board members tonight in courtesy of Karen St.Clair.
2.     Financial Report by Susan Keene
Net worth: $218,227.49
Interest: $2521.80
YTD Income (loss) $68.29
YTD loss reflects our snow expenses this season of $11,854.83 ($5,229.83 over budget)
A Sherriff’s Sale will take place on April 17th for home at 709 Treeview Circle.
Motion made by Ralph Culver to put a lien on the home at 772 Rockview Circle. 2nd by Mike Lowden. Motion passed.  The $250 dollar fee will be added to total amount owed.
3.     Property Report by Larry Edwards – Continuing to make roof repairs due to blown off shingles; salt pellets put on roofs where ice damming was observed Larry and called in by residents; Larry was told by DuPont’s attorney that Pedcore will be receiving money for the dead trees on their property at fence line, and Westover Woods will be receiving money for 1 dead tree. No money received to date.
Continuing Business
1.     Policy for Architectural Control – Procedures will apply from the Westover Wood’s Governing Documents. Ralph Culver was appointed to be chairperson of Architectural Committee. An Architectural Change application has been received and given to Ralph for review and follow up
with homeowner.
2.     Resolution Letter to be presented to homeowners at 798 Westover Road by Chet Mayflower.
3.     Rain damage to home at 8128 Overbrook is not new damage. Repairs were made several years ago and are now the responsibility of the homeowner.
4.     Larry has contacted Keeping it Green about the sprinkler damage at entrance for repair when sprinklers are turned on in the spring.
5.     Letter to homeowners at 8206 and 8218 Overbrook Lane for removal of dead trees, to be written by our attorney.
New Business
1.     Replacement for Cheryl Simpson as Treasurer – Bob Stewart will be the 2nd signature on reserve account; address change will be made to PSG (P.O. Box 986) for the Morgan Stanley, Ameriana and CD accounts.
2.     Process of Building our Budget – goal is to break budget into sections and to include residents in the decision making process in order to allow for community ownership. Further discussion at April meeting.
3.     Muskrats reported in pond – Susan will check with Aqua Pond Service.
4.     Larry will call AMPED to begin electrical set up at pond.
5.     Karen will check with Town of Avon on tentative date of May 28th for next community meeting and report back with availability.
Next Board meeting – Tues. April 29th at Chet’s home
Adjourned – Motion made by Bob Stewart to adjourn. 2nd by Mike Lowden. Adjourned at 8:35 p.m.
Submitted by Karen St.Clair/Board Secretary

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