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Monday, November 2, 2015

September 2015 Board Minutes

Place: Mike Lowden’s home                                                                                     
Present: Board members Chet Mayflower, Bob Stewart, Mike Lowden, Cheryl Simpson, Karen St.Clair; PSG Management Larry Edwards and Susan Keene
Call to Order by Chet Mayflower at 6:30 p.m.
Reflections by Chet Mayflower
Review of August Board Minutes Bob Stewart made the motion to accept the minutes as written. 2nd by Mike Lowden. Motion passed.
Property Report by Larry Edwards                                                                                         
1. Roofing – completed reroofing last set of homes for 2015 
 2. Price for purchasing shingles by bulk from Reece Wholesale for 2016 did not increase (23 bundles) = $25,760.  Cheryl made the motion to purchase shingles in bulk from Reece Wholesale this year for the 2016 reroofing project. 2nd by Mike Lowden.  Motion passed. 
Financial Report by Susan Keene                                                  
 1.  YTD = $143,705.10 
 2.  Money to purchase shingles for 2016 reroofing project will come from Ameriana Money Market account
3.  2016 Budget reviewed and adjusted and will be finalized at October board meeting
New Business                                                                                                                                             1. Chet Mayflower made a suggestion to appoint 2 homeowners to be a liaison between the Town of Avon’s Town and Zoning Boards and Westover Wood’s Board.  After discussion, Bob Stewart made the motion to organize a liaison between the Town of Avon and Westover Woods. 2nd by Karen St.Clair.  Motion passed.  Homeowner names, not on the current board, were suggested. Chet will follow up with asking those people if they wish to be a liaison. They will work with the current board Vice President, Bob Stewart.  
2. The HOA Annual Meeting agenda was prepared by Chet and assignments given to board members on what they will discuss and/or present.                            
Continuing Business and Updates  
            1.  A new policy for Selecting Contractors and our Settlement with Pedcor will be reviewed in 2016
Continuing Business and Updates (Continued)
2. Tree Update by Bob Stewart – trees stumps have been removed and waiting on fall planting to be done by Pedcor.
3. Sprinkler System Update by Karen St.Clair – Several leaks have been identified, including a slow unidentified leak causing water to build up in the water pit. Identified leaks include 1.) valve leak in water pit repaired 2.) major break in line in zone #1 which has been shut off (only one head in this zone) and 3.) a sprinkler heads in zone #3 and #7 to be repaired or replaced.  Charlie St.Clair has been asked to turn the sprinkler system on/off as needed. Chet recommends that Keeping It Green Irrigation Company not be contacted anymore this year, but to turn off and winterize the irrigation system.  A motion was made by Cheryl Simpson to have the sprinkler system repaired this year. 2nd by Mike Lowden. Motion ended in a tie vote. Chet Mayflower broke the tie vote in favor of not repairing system leaks until next year.   $300 was added to the 2016 budget for necessary repairs next year.                             
4. Entrance Signs – After recommendations that we not replace the entrance signs until we have completed our roof project, Bob Stewart made the motion to have the entrance signs painted next spring. 2nd by Cheryl Simpson. Motion passed.  Cheryl will ask Lana Mitchell, whom painted the brick walls for Westover Woods, to give a bid on painting the entrance signs. It was suggested and agreed by the board that this expense be taken from the Beautification budget in 2016.            
Next Board meeting and other dates                                                                                   
1. Next Board meeting – Tues. Oct. 27th at 6:30 p.m. Place: Karen St.Clair’s home 
2. Annual Fall Picnic – Sun. Oct. 4th at 4:00 p.m. Place: Avon Town Park Shelter                  
3. Annual HOA meeting – Mon. Nov. 16th at 7:00 p.m Place: Avon Town Hall
Meeting Adjourned at 8:10 p.m.
Submitted by Karen St.Clair/Board Secretary
Action Items:
1.     Cheryl to ask Lana Mitchell If interested in painting the entrance signs. If so, ask for a bid for the job.
2.     Chet to ask suggested homeowners if they would be interested in being a liaison between Avon’s Town and Zoning boards and Westover Wood’s board.

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