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Friday, January 26, 2018

Westover Woods Owners Association Inc. Policy

Westover Woods Owners Association Inc.

Subject:                          Maintenance Policy
Purpose:                         Policy and Process for Maintenance, Repairs and Replacements on Homeowners Units  and Common Areas.
Responsibility:               Property Service Group for Westover Woods Owners Association, Inc.
Authority:                       Governing Documents- The Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions of Westover Woods, which are a part of the deed to every property and Indiana Law. Reference       Section: 16 Maintenance, Repairs and Replacement.
Contact:                           Property Services Group:
                                        Phone: 317-837-9860
                                        Email:  info@psgcondos.com
Homeowners Units the Property Service Group is responsible for the following maintenance, repairs and replacements and the cost is furnished by the Homeowners Association, Inc.:
Responsible:                   Exterior maintenance shall be provided upon each unit, which                                         is subject to assessment as follows:
Paint, repair, replacement and care of roofs, gutters, downspouts, and exterior  building surfaces.
Painting or staining of the exterior doors including garage doors. Also, the outside or exterior surface of patio fences, if there are any.
Responsible:                  Exterior maintenance shall not include glass surfaces, screens and screen doors, doors and windows fixtures and other hardware, patios, interiors

Areas:                            The Property Service Group is responsible for the service of maintenance, repairs, and replacements and upkeep of the Common Areas and the cost is furnished by the Homeowners Association Inc.

The information provided is not all-inclusive and represents some examples of maintenance, repairs and replacements. Each work request is subject to assessment by the Property Service Group and or the Board of directors.

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